Passion For Fashion

Mivik is a fashion brand that manufactures and offers the finest women’s fabrics and accessories. Incorporated in 2018, the sprightly young team envisions building sustainable fashion in India. To cater to the fashion needs of a woman, we offer a complete range of attires that range from comfort wear to casual wear and western wear to traditional wear.

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Our Identity

The name Mivik is a portmanteau of the names Mimi and Vivi – the children of the two founders.Mivik also means a ‘Gift of God’.Our philosophy is to craft fashion that is nothing less than a gift to womanhood.


Mivik is a breath of fresh air in the ever-blowing winds of fashion. We take everything a woman needs seriously, and a reflection of it shines vibrantly in the products that we create. With every fabric and every stitch, we aspire to offer beauty, aesthetics, elegance, grace, comfort, and affordability to every woman who chooses to buy a garment from our store.


Like the flower in our logo, we intend to spread positivity and happiness to everyone associated with us. 

What Makes Us Different?

Handcrafted With Love

We craft a majority of our traditional outfits by hand. 

Touch Of Nature

We incorporate Floral Embroideries, Prints, Bird motifs, etc into our Designs.

Quality with Value

We strive to deliver not just quality and aesthetics, but also comfort and affordability. 

Trending Fashion

Always with the fashion curve, but sometimes ahead of it!

The Cardinal 3 'C's We Associate With

Crafted By Experts!

Our garments embody the delightful, positive energy our artisans feel while meticulously crafting them. Through our products, we pass on our love and energy to you, so that you wear a good vibe every time you wear an attire created by us.

It’s All About You!

You develop an emotional connection with what you wear, and we ensure it fits perfectly, not just with regards to the size but also with regards to how it makes you feel. We craft garments that stick with you like an emotion.

It’s All About You!

Happiness is all about giving, and we aspire to spread as much of it as possible! Every garment you buy from us financially helps people from the weaker strata of society. Apart from the monetary contribution, we also empower these people by employing them in skilled and semi-skilled occupations. We also provide part-time work to destitute women who can work from home and support their families. Our humble effortS and your valuable contributionS ensure that they have a stable income that helps them move away from odd jobs and lead a better life.

Torchbearers Of Mivik

Neha Jain
An inborn interest and passion for textile design, color blending, printing techniques and genuine embroidery, has resulted in Neha building a collaborative team of designers and artisans, working in a symbiotic relationship. This is also backed with a Masters degree in Commerce.
Dr. Renu Kavdia
Renu, a Doctorate holder in population education is a highly decorated individual having won multiple accolades in Education and Administration. Under her leadership, a lot of women have seen their dream of leading a financially independent life come true. With a bent for helping the society, Renu has extensively worked with various self-help and women empowerment groups that Mivik is associated with.