Since eons, the West has been enamored by Indian design and craft aesthetic. Today, in the wake of unprecedented global situations, our country needs us more than ever. Fashion can seem like a discretionary spent but wait, there’s more depth to it than you can imagine!

When you ditch a readymade crop top and instead pick up a hand-embroidered, Gota-Patti work Indo-western crop top, you’re doing more for the country than you can imagine!

At Mivik, we don’t just ‘sell’ garments. We curate perfectly fitting outfits that are an expression of your personal style and elegance. As a cherry on the top, our garments ‘feel’ better than others because we take pride in telling our customers (or rather our co-creators) our sustainable practices that support local craftsmen.


Rich hues, luscious fabrics, and a positive vibe coming from knowing that your garment has been produced locally and has lent a face a smile – our garments are not clothes, they are expressions! Here are 4 top women’s wear trends we at Mivik recommend for this summer :


  • Crop tops with cotton skirts for sluggish evenings

Marry comfort with edginess by pairing breezy crop tops with flared Indo-western skirts. While Preity Zinta’s boxy cotton tops and maxi skirts are still a favorite amongst girls, we suggest swapping those boxy tops with crop tops. Who said fashion ain’t a thing during a lockdown?


  • Cotton kurtas for those online meeting

Support local craftsmen while looking all elegant and at ease in easy-breezy cotton kurtas. These versatile pieces are breathable and colorful enough to captivate any onlooker. The grace of a kurta, need we say is matchless?


  • Lightweight sarees for lowkey traditional dos

Festivals will be rather lowkey this year. But channel your festive spirit in elegant cotton, chiffon, and georgette sarees while celebrating with your near ones. Shop from our collection to add some spunk to all mini-celebrations back home!


  • Kaftan dresses for the laidback, hot afternoons

Kareena Kapoor has been quite ‘vocal’ about her block print kaftan dresses! Ladies, you too can choose comfort the regal way. Yes, cotton kaftan dresses are the way to go about. Comfortable and easy to move around in, these dresses are perfect for laidback afternoons of Indian summers.


The west has been drooling over our Indian prints for ages, it’s time we embrace the beauty and uniqueness of our country’s art by choosing ‘Made in India’ fashion over the factory hauled piles of clothes. We at Mivik take a special interest in making a garment as bespoke as you would like it to be. We understand your customization needs like no one else. Explore our collection and make a difference to the lives of local craftsmen and handloom workers while you curate your perfect garment along with us.

One-liners, phrases :

  • Fashion-forward and locally sourced garments
  • It’s time to don the local hat! Mivik has been the forerunner in promoting Indian garments made locally. We are glad our voice has found a larger purpose and a reverberation in the entire nation. Let’s be vocal about local!
  • Ladies, sustainable is the new sexy!
  • Mivik doesn’t mimic! We co-create your comfortable, elegant attires along with you and several local craftsmen.
  • A garment infused with the energy of compassion is not just a garment, it’s a feeling!
  • Don’t be one of those clad in a piece churned out in thousands of numbers, stand out with our customization
  • Buy at Mivik- spread a smile and take home a smile, not just a garment!
  • We thrive on the good wishes of our local craftsmen and workers!
  • A stitch done right generates a compliment mine! Get your perfectly fitting, customized Indian attire at Mivik.
  • Smiles galore! Our customers and our local craftsmen are our pride. Their smiles enthuse us to do more every day.
  • Look chic with Mivik! Indian ethnic wear has a timeless appeal. In today’s times, it has a major economic significance too for the country. Make a difference, to the country, and to your personal style too!


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