3 Indian prints every women should have in her ethenic wardrobe

Talk ethnic Indian wear, talk prints! What’s a woman’s wardrobe without the elegant, timeless ethnic wear pieces she can pride on and even pass on as her legacy? A lot of us ransack through different prints while choosing our ethnic garments. These prints can range from bandhani to tie and dye. We have handpicked 3 types of prints that we believe each woman should own in some or the other form in her ethnic wear wardrobe. Mivik not only brings to you a huge variety in prints but also allows you to customize each garment, making sure you carry your own style with a lot of ownership and pride!


Here are the top 3 Indian prints that we believe you should invest in :


  • Bandhani or Bandhej Print

A timeless classic and a favorite of many many Indian generations of women now, Bandhani has the front seat when we talk of Indian prints. Multiple shapes of dots, squares, waves, etc. culminate into one array of a carefully tie and dyed Bandhani print. This print is so versatile that you can practically find garment options in the extremely light casual home-wear collection to extremely heavy partywear collection. This print never goes out of vogue and looks good on all body shapes, complexions and heights. This print is a favorite amongst foreigners who flock to Rajasthan and Gujarat to shop for it in the form of skirts, palazzos, etc. A bandhani kurta, gown or a saree is a must-have staple piece for every woman’s ethnic wardrobe. Here is a glimpse of this majestic Indian art:


  • Bagru Print

Popularised first by Rajasthanis, this print is very organic to Indian textile art. Right from the use of beautiful coloured dye to wooden blocks used for imprinting designs onto a fabric, the whole process is an absolute meticulous affair for the craftsmen.

This print is popular in even bedsheets and pillow covers. A Bagru print kurta/crop-top can lend you that eclectically classy ethnic appeal in just about no time! The print looks rich, rare and suits most Indian women alike. There’s no way you can don a Bagru printed dress or a kurta and get no compliments!


  • Golden block print

And lastly, the most commonly seen, worn and loved – golden print! This print has made its way to curtains, bedsheets, carpets, skirts, dresses, sarees, tops and even lehengas. Local craftsmen create authentic golden prints of leaves and other nature-inspired things on a variety of dark and light-colored fabrics. Golden block prints look best when done on colors like navy blue, red, brown, black, magenta (or fuschia), bottle green and deep purple. You get a huge variety of golden prints today but at Mivik, we bring to you the most cherry-picked collection to ensure that you flaunt confidently each garment you wear! Try our golden block print kurtas to believe!


5 Fun Ways to Wear An Ethnic Crop Top

Crop tops have been all rage since quite some time now. We have seen women and girls wearing them with jeans, palazzos, flared denim and even with skirts. Ethnic crop tops, however, are versatile pieces of clothing that can completely transform every look – be it a fusion of Indian and western wear or a full traditional look.

It is time to make use of each of those zari laden, melange, linen and even silk crop tops. We at Mivik have a huge variety of ethnic and semi-western crop tops. Start exploring our collection today. But before you do that, here are 5 easy ways to use a crop top to amp up your traditional (or indo-western) attire:

  • Wear with a saree

Many Bollywood actresses have tried this style of pairing a saree with a crop instead of a regular blouse. We spotted Jacqueline Fernandes, Sonam Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor donning a crop top in place of a regular saree blouse. The combination looks chic and very classy. It gives your saree a very subtle modern twist that is undeniable and unmissable for any onlooker!

Here’s how Shraddha Kapoor paired a beautiful crop top with her saree:

  • Wear with a printed, flared skirt

A big flared skirt with motifs of ethnic block prints or even any other print looks extremely modest when paired with a crop top. For those of you who do not want to go overboard with a crop top, this combination is the safest bet out of all choices suggested here. This look is extremely easy to pull off and suits most body types. Here’s an example you can’t take your eyes off

  • Wear with patiala salwars or dhoti pants

Are you too still not over Katrina’s classic patiala salwar look from Namastey London or Kareena’s top and patiala look from Jab We Met? Well, we don’t blame you! Patiala salwars do have such a unique, timeless charm to them.

Give your Patialas a modern twist by pairing them with a crop top. You can additionally layer it with a shrug too.

  • Wear with ethnic pants/plazo and a shrug

Be it regular trousers or plazo, ethnic bottoms look stunning when paired with a contemporary crop top. Make way for this edgy yet classy look ladies! This is one look that women of all ages can try. For extra modesty, count on a cozy, long shrug and you’re good to go!

  • Wear with a lehenga for extra spunk

Lastly, explore the option of pairing floral lehengas with solid or color-blocked crop tops. This combination gained popularity in the last 2-3 years and has stayed relevant to the indo-western fashion scene. We can see why! First, a crop top with a lehenga is extremely comfortable to wear as a full attire, it does eliminate the need to handle a dupatta as well. Secondly, a crop top takes away the monotony of heavy embroidered blouses with sequinned lehngas, the combination of crop top and lehenga is much easier on the eyes. Don’t believe us? Take a look:

5 Reasons why you should always wear a garment that’s custom fit

It is said that you can have anything in life if you dress for it. Yes, that’s true. The world of online fashion that’s abuzz at the moment brought in a plethora of fashion choices. However, a  downside of the same was women had to start choosing between ready-to-wear garments and visiting their traditional tailor shops.


The good news is that today there’s a better midway – at Mivik we take comfort and style both very seriously. To give you the best silhouette that flatters your body type and is in conjunction with your personality, we bring to you a unique facility of customizing every garment you choose on our website.


Before we detail more about our offerings, let’s first consider top 5 reasons why you must choose customization for all (or at least for most) of your garments:


  • There’s nothing like a pre-stitched perfect fit that suits all

While ready-to-wear garments have flooded the markets with practically a huge range of sizes in clothes, a woman seldom ends up finding the right fit for herself. The challenge is more profound in case of ethnic Indian wear predominantly because the clothes aren’t stretchable and don’t take one’s body shape.


Cotton – a fabric used extensively is non-stretchable and has a standard fall, which means a kurta that might look crisp and straight fitting on someone with column body type of your size can still look ill-fitted on you if you’re a pear shape.


Customization eliminates all of this hassle by allowing you to decide and alter the shape of garments according to your body type.


  • Customization gives you a chance to up or down-embellish according to your personal statement

Ever gaped at a kurta contemplating how it would look better if it had blue buttons instead of yellow? Or ever wished that the dress you just bought had a little less of sequins on the neck because they practically give you a bad itch?


Well, with customization, you can always up or down-embellish your garments. Letting artists know your choice of embellishments is a huge step in the customization process. With customization, never again whine at an over-decorated garment or wish silently for an extra motif on the sleeve!


  • Customization allows you to feel more confident

Having your opinion stitched into a garment can be more liberating than you can imagine! A perfect fit is not just an unachievable dream, it’s just an additional step that most online retailers steer clear from.


We at Mivik are just like you, we know a customized garment is much more likely to make you feel confident and happy!


  • Customized clothes last longer

It’s a no brainer that customized clothes often last longer. A customized piece would most likely not surprise you with a busted seam or a broken button. You can even ask for extra inter-locked stitch and an additional lining when customizing a garment. No more should you adjust with an uncomfortable polyester lining in a sheer kurta, ask for a sturdy cotton or comfortable rayon lining instead! That’s the power of customization.


  • There are no half-hearted choices or compromises with customization – has the best value for money

What’s the joy in wearing something you don’t feel completely confident in? With customization, you can always trim and turnaround a garment as per your choice. Never again wear something that you almost liked, wear something that feels yours, has your participation in its creation and adds to your persona.


It’s said – “give a woman the right pair of heels and she’ll conquer the world.” Well, we at Mivik say, “give a woman her most comfortable garment that speaks of her rather than the brand and she’ll conquer the world!”


Support Local, Shop with Mivik – Punch Lines

Since eons, the West has been enamored by Indian design and craft aesthetic. Today, in the wake of unprecedented global situations, our country needs us more than ever. Fashion can seem like a discretionary spent but wait, there’s more depth to it than you can imagine!

When you ditch a readymade crop top and instead pick up a hand-embroidered, Gota-Patti work Indo-western crop top, you’re doing more for the country than you can imagine!

At Mivik, we don’t just ‘sell’ garments. We curate perfectly fitting outfits that are an expression of your personal style and elegance. As a cherry on the top, our garments ‘feel’ better than others because we take pride in telling our customers (or rather our co-creators) our sustainable practices that support local craftsmen.


Rich hues, luscious fabrics, and a positive vibe coming from knowing that your garment has been produced locally and has lent a face a smile – our garments are not clothes, they are expressions! Here are 4 top women’s wear trends we at Mivik recommend for this summer :


  • Crop tops with cotton skirts for sluggish evenings

Marry comfort with edginess by pairing breezy crop tops with flared Indo-western skirts. While Preity Zinta’s boxy cotton tops and maxi skirts are still a favorite amongst girls, we suggest swapping those boxy tops with crop tops. Who said fashion ain’t a thing during a lockdown?


  • Cotton kurtas for those online meeting

Support local craftsmen while looking all elegant and at ease in easy-breezy cotton kurtas. These versatile pieces are breathable and colorful enough to captivate any onlooker. The grace of a kurta, need we say is matchless?


  • Lightweight sarees for lowkey traditional dos

Festivals will be rather lowkey this year. But channel your festive spirit in elegant cotton, chiffon, and georgette sarees while celebrating with your near ones. Shop from our collection to add some spunk to all mini-celebrations back home!


  • Kaftan dresses for the laidback, hot afternoons

Kareena Kapoor has been quite ‘vocal’ about her block print kaftan dresses! Ladies, you too can choose comfort the regal way. Yes, cotton kaftan dresses are the way to go about. Comfortable and easy to move around in, these dresses are perfect for laidback afternoons of Indian summers.


The west has been drooling over our Indian prints for ages, it’s time we embrace the beauty and uniqueness of our country’s art by choosing ‘Made in India’ fashion over the factory hauled piles of clothes. We at Mivik take a special interest in making a garment as bespoke as you would like it to be. We understand your customization needs like no one else. Explore our collection and make a difference to the lives of local craftsmen and handloom workers while you curate your perfect garment along with us.

One-liners, phrases :

  • Fashion-forward and locally sourced garments
  • It’s time to don the local hat! Mivik has been the forerunner in promoting Indian garments made locally. We are glad our voice has found a larger purpose and a reverberation in the entire nation. Let’s be vocal about local!
  • Ladies, sustainable is the new sexy!
  • Mivik doesn’t mimic! We co-create your comfortable, elegant attires along with you and several local craftsmen.
  • A garment infused with the energy of compassion is not just a garment, it’s a feeling!
  • Don’t be one of those clad in a piece churned out in thousands of numbers, stand out with our customization
  • Buy at Mivik- spread a smile and take home a smile, not just a garment!
  • We thrive on the good wishes of our local craftsmen and workers!
  • A stitch done right generates a compliment mine! Get your perfectly fitting, customized Indian attire at Mivik.
  • Smiles galore! Our customers and our local craftsmen are our pride. Their smiles enthuse us to do more every day.
  • Look chic with Mivik! Indian ethnic wear has a timeless appeal. In today’s times, it has a major economic significance too for the country. Make a difference, to the country, and to your personal style too!


The Working Woman’s Quandary _ Indian attire vs. Western Formals

Struggling to choose between a striped kurta and a self-striped pencil skirt? Well, you’re not alone. 90% of the working women today struggle with the choice. Does this list of concerns look familiar? Read below:


  • A kurta will be very comfortable throughout the day, but a skirt will look more polished in my MNC, what should I do?
  • I can’t carry a saree whole day even though it suits my figure the most! What must be my next safest alternative?
  • I am not feeling well, a tight t-shirt will make things worse, but a salwar suit can look too offbeat for my regular style. I don’t want extra attention, what must I do?

If these questions are what you face often while standing in front of your wardrobe every morning, this article will help you find answers without compromising on your style quotient.


Here are the top 5 ways you can wear Indian ethnic wear to the office without looking ‘extra’ or too offbeat:


1)   Start with wearing indo-western if you generally do not wear ethnic to office


If you’ve worn jeans or trousers or pencil skirts all your life to work, it’s likely that you’ll be jittery to switch to a kurta or a sari. A lot of women lurk around in their houses in comfortable Indian wear but force-fit themselves into body-hugging western wear while dressing up for the workplace.


A good starting point could be Indo-western wear instead of heavy traditional Indian outfits. The hybrid looks classy and edgy without having room for getting labeled as a skirt or a saree person. For example, try pairing comfortable cotton formal shirts with ethnic midi skirts to turn heads at your workplace!


2)   Choose subtle, earthen or pastel colors to stay neutral in your overall look


While reds and yellows and neons can look a little too lurid for office hours, muted browns, subtle mustard and other pastel colors can be a safe bet. These colors are usually too understated to look garish and you have more leeway to play with accessorizing. Colors like lavender, sky blue, peach, light brown, bottle green, etc. are all very commonly found in ethnic wear collections and are your best bet while putting together an office outfit.


3)   Choose accessories wisely – they can make or break your style statement!


Medium-sized hoops, dainty bangles (that don’t rustle too much to make you come across as noisy) and lariat necklaces are a great accessory choice for the office. These accessories are a good investment because they not only take an ethnic outfit many notches up in style but can also be paired with western wear for your brunch outings! Stay away from heavy oxidized jewelry that is touted to go best with ethnic wear. It can not only make you feel overboard but can also become uncomfortable after a point. Invest in light jewelry to accentuate your ethnic outfits and never again fall short of style and enigma.


4)   Be unpredictable in your choices and combinations


Don’t bother finding the right colored leggings for your kurta or the perfectly stitched blouse for your saree. Mix and match outfits from your existing wardrobe to create an element of surprise in your attire every day. Here are some examples:


  • Wear a cotton saree with a thin belt for an edgy twist to the traditional, comfort wear
  • Pair your regular melange crop tops with sarees and ethnic skirts
  • Pair regular color-blocked or chikankari kurtas with jeans instead of salwars and palazzos


5)   Be unpredictable in your choices and combinations


Everyone finds a cotton saree extremely classy and professional, especially for wearing to work. However, maintaining a cotton saree may not be a simple task for most working women who already struggle to maintain a healthy work-life balance.


As an alternative, you can always choose fabrics like georgette, chiffon or polyester, based on your comfort levels with each type and appetite for maintenance. We at Mivik, highly recommend rayon and cotton for kurtas and poly-georgette for sarees for all working women out there! Get in touch with us to explore more options according to your personal preferences.


We hope this article has helped you realize that working ethnic wear at the office is no big deal! All you need is the right mix of prints, colors, fabric, and the garment type. Don’t worry, you can still take on the world while staying comfortable in your skin and in your clothes too! Ditch those uncomfortable pencil skirts and be yourself in a laid back yet a compelling Indian ethnic garment.