It is said that you can have anything in life if you dress for it. Yes, that’s true. The world of online fashion that’s abuzz at the moment brought in a plethora of fashion choices. However, a  downside of the same was women had to start choosing between ready-to-wear garments and visiting their traditional tailor shops.


The good news is that today there’s a better midway – at Mivik we take comfort and style both very seriously. To give you the best silhouette that flatters your body type and is in conjunction with your personality, we bring to you a unique facility of customizing every garment you choose on our website.


Before we detail more about our offerings, let’s first consider top 5 reasons why you must choose customization for all (or at least for most) of your garments:


  • There’s nothing like a pre-stitched perfect fit that suits all

While ready-to-wear garments have flooded the markets with practically a huge range of sizes in clothes, a woman seldom ends up finding the right fit for herself. The challenge is more profound in case of ethnic Indian wear predominantly because the clothes aren’t stretchable and don’t take one’s body shape.


Cotton – a fabric used extensively is non-stretchable and has a standard fall, which means a kurta that might look crisp and straight fitting on someone with column body type of your size can still look ill-fitted on you if you’re a pear shape.


Customization eliminates all of this hassle by allowing you to decide and alter the shape of garments according to your body type.


  • Customization gives you a chance to up or down-embellish according to your personal statement

Ever gaped at a kurta contemplating how it would look better if it had blue buttons instead of yellow? Or ever wished that the dress you just bought had a little less of sequins on the neck because they practically give you a bad itch?


Well, with customization, you can always up or down-embellish your garments. Letting artists know your choice of embellishments is a huge step in the customization process. With customization, never again whine at an over-decorated garment or wish silently for an extra motif on the sleeve!


  • Customization allows you to feel more confident

Having your opinion stitched into a garment can be more liberating than you can imagine! A perfect fit is not just an unachievable dream, it’s just an additional step that most online retailers steer clear from.


We at Mivik are just like you, we know a customized garment is much more likely to make you feel confident and happy!


  • Customized clothes last longer

It’s a no brainer that customized clothes often last longer. A customized piece would most likely not surprise you with a busted seam or a broken button. You can even ask for extra inter-locked stitch and an additional lining when customizing a garment. No more should you adjust with an uncomfortable polyester lining in a sheer kurta, ask for a sturdy cotton or comfortable rayon lining instead! That’s the power of customization.


  • There are no half-hearted choices or compromises with customization – has the best value for money

What’s the joy in wearing something you don’t feel completely confident in? With customization, you can always trim and turnaround a garment as per your choice. Never again wear something that you almost liked, wear something that feels yours, has your participation in its creation and adds to your persona.


It’s said – “give a woman the right pair of heels and she’ll conquer the world.” Well, we at Mivik say, “give a woman her most comfortable garment that speaks of her rather than the brand and she’ll conquer the world!”


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